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Enjoy a day-long walking tour in and around the Old City of Jerusalem, exploring the tapestry of traditions and beliefs that make this place so compelling. We will explore the Old City with an eye towards understanding the different (often conflicting) narratives that define Jerusalem. We will visit all four quarters of the city, including a walk along the top of the city walls. Join your licensed, professional guide for a day to be remembered.

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Light Rail

The Jerusalem light rail spans the city, connecting history, conflict, people and differing narratives. It is a wonderful way to learn about the many facets of this city. We begin on Mount Herzl, the fist stop. We will visit the national cemetery and gain an understanding of the history of Israel. We continue on the light rail, pointing out the sites on the way, exiting at the the colorful Machane Yehuda market which we will tour and sample the street food. We continue on the rail, stopping at the center of town, Jaffa Street and King George Avenue, to get a sense of this historical and bustling area. We continue to the Damascus Gate Station, to visit both a Jewish Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood and the neighboring hub of the Arab section of the city at the Damascus Gate and Salah a Din Street. Here we will get a deep sense of the complexities of this multicultural city. We continue to the Arab and Jewish northern neighborhoods, asking the question: What unites us? What divides us?

Light Rail

Archaeological tour

Visit many of the important archaeological sites and ongoing digs in the Old City of Jerusalem to understand the historical development of this amazing city. The City of David, Davidson Archaeological Park, The Christian and Moslem Quarters.

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