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Ed's Favorite Quote:

Jerusalem is a seesaw: Sometimes I go down, to past generations and sometimes up, into the sky...

לפעמים אני יורד לתוך הדורות שהיו ולפעמים אני עולה לשמים 

Yehuda Amichai

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Ed Snitkoff   יצחק סניטקוף
Licensed Professional Tour Guide 
Rabbi, Master Educator and Storyteller

View my latest short videos and see some new places in Israel. My amateur video editing skills do improve as time goes on!!

I am a fun and engaging guide/teacher who balances history, culture and spirit. Our time together can include spiritual insights, historical connections and natural wonders. There will also be some serious moments (Israel is a serious place, after all) that you will take home with you.

Below are a number of articles I wrote (and materials I gathered) over the years that you may find interesting:

Walking Tour of The Horns of Hattin Battlefield (PDF)

The Land of Israel in Rabbinic Literature

Secular Zionism: From Religious Idea to Secular Ideology

The Jewish Connection to Jerusalem

The Religious Status of Yom Haatzmaut

Helping Christians Discover Their Roots

Praying for the Welfare of the State of Israel

Gush Emunim: Settling All the Land

Learning Materials: A Tour of the Galil


Learning Materials: The Dead Sea


If  you are interested in an amazing tour in Israel- enriching, interactive, engaging and custom-made, let's have a conversation to see if I can offer what you are looking for.



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 MORE ABOUT                   ED SNITKOFF

I am originally from Brooklyn, N.Y., and live today in Jerusalem. Over the past 40 years, I served as a congregational rabbi, teacher, religious school principal, camp educator/director, and Israel tour guide.  I am a graduate of Columbia University and The Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. I also studied in Teacher's College, Hebrew University and the Jordan Valley College.  I received my tour guide license from the Israel Ministry of Tourism in 1998.

In the years before moving to Israel, I served for 6 years as rabbi and religious school principal of Chisuk Emuna Congregation in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

In 1992, we settled on Kibbutz Lavi and lived there as members for 8 years (I am actually an expert Raftan/Dairy Farmer, and have milked 300 cows, by myself, on many mornings). As a member of Kibbutz Lavi, I trained as a professional tour guide and established an education center for groups of all faiths and backgrounds.

After moving to Jerusalem, I served as the Educational Director of the Young Judaea Year Course (which I attended in 1975), and Educational Coordinator for North America at the Jewish Agency for Israel. Over the years I have also trained hundreds of tour guides as a teacher in the Israeli Ministry of Tourism's Tour Guide Course.

Most recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to serve as director of the Ramah Israel Seminar for 11 summers.  I continue to work with Ramah Israel as a guide and educator.

In addition to my work within the Jewish community, I enjoy guiding and teaching Christian groups interested in exploring the Jewish Roots of Christianity in the Land of Israel.

I am married to Minda, who works as a Community Health Nurse, and we are blessed with 4 grown children and three grandchildren, all living in Israel. 

I am also a Tuba player. Long story...